Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Our weekends are usually pretty wonderful, peacefully spent together with no interruptions....just us, the dogs, this home.  However this weekend had something different in store due to Captain's sensual plans. Friday evening after dinner, Captain said "girl, you need to take a bath before you go to bed."  
???.....Yes, I had taken the day off to help my daughter clean her house and got a little dusty but I didn't think I was that bad.  Ok. Captain requested girl take a bath, so bath it was. I came out of the bath in my winter jammies and sat beside him on the couch to watch a bit of television with him. After about 20 minutes "It's time for you to go to bed" was the order given.  Ok, so off to bed with him close behind.  As I got into bed, he covered me up, gave me a kiss - and then pulled out a rope and tied my left wrist to the bed! "This weekend," he stated "this girl is mine. REALLY mine."...flutter of stomach....gulp....oh my.  He then walked out of the room and leaving me tied to the bed to go to sleep. 

Ah, but not for long.....I woke to my jammies being removed, Captain crawling between my legs...tongue, fingers everywhere, a sensual fire storm.  Bliss...is girl dreaming...no.  It was my Captain taking what is his.  It amazes me how he plans, waits until the perfect moment and then, with precision, executes his plan.  After one of the most explosive O's girl has ever had, he sends me back to sleep.  He leaves to go back to reading, leaving my entire body in a state of mindless bliss.  At some point later he came to bed but girl was out like a light.

But not for long.  girl is tethered to the bed and has to use the bathroom!  Yee GADS...what to do?  A request is made to go to the bathroom and what does Captain do?  He unties the ropes from the bed and leads me to the bathroom by my ropes. And stands there, holding my tethered hands while I sit on the toilet and take care of business! Then back to bed it is and back to sleep.

Again, not for long....girl awakens to her Captain hovering above her, growling, urgent electricity filled the room.  Tis girl’s time to give what he already owns.  When Captain is like this, he is undeniably going to take what he wants in whatever manner he chooses.  And soon he is buried in me, girl was sound asleep but fully awake in a nano second....bodies that know what they want without question or the benefit of time to think....bliss....bliss and more bliss.  This weekend is amazing – and it’s only 3 AM Saturday.

g woke up feeling like "is there a marathon I can run today, I feel fabulous today!" The rest of Saturday passes with quiet pursuits at home, something we both love.  There is not much talk, but major amounts of peace.  Life is definitely good!  But a question hangs in the air all day. What is on the Captain’s mind? Will he use his girl again? How? Where? When?

The question remained unanswered and Sunday arrived. Over coffee I cautiously ask what he is up to today (typical question,) to which he replies "after we go to the play room I will probably do some work."  We are blessed to have a real playroom, complete with toys, treasure chest....it is a room for one purpose only.  He also mentions that he plans for us to be there in two hours.  So I head to the shower, a man that has planned this weekend to the tiniest detail deserves nothing less than the best I can be.  So after a long bath, complete attention to the details that matter the most to him, the moment to be waiting has arrived.  girl loves this moment, the waiting, the clearing of every thought except for him...meditation with open hands waiting patiently for him.  My Captain appeared, the treasure chest was opened, the flogger, the whip, and more appeared and the next part of Sunday was just pure pleasure...carnal travels to a playground complete with toys, girls backside being pinked and a very happy satisfied Captain.  YUM!  There is something so special about that room, that space that we mentally enter when we are there.  Nothing but service to please Captain, which in turn pleases me....utterly.

And as I said "O" the weekend! 
One of my hobbies is photographing Renee
G recalls the weekend somewhat differently than I.
But let’s start at the beginning.
Due to the unpleasantly cold weather we were inside all week. She, padding around the house dressed like a snow bunny, accentuating her long slender legs with her tights and knee socks and thick bulky sweaters during the day. How well I know the delights she concealed under all that clothing! In the evening she wore her goofy orange onesies that are curiously sexy in that I can see her hips move sensually against the material when she walks. And of course she is careful no to keep them zipped up too far in front. she had kept her Captain in a near constant state of distraction, if not arousal, for days. Something had to give.
We had slipped a bit toward vanilla land over the past weeks and I had in mind a weekend for girl to regain her submission and experience it more completely. Friday I texted her from the office and instructed her to put in her Kegel balls, “It’s going to be one of those weekends.” The Kegel balls are a pair of connected
Kegel balls
hollow silicon balls with weights inside that fit inside her. The metal weights bounce around as she moves. Wearing them is an act of submission intended to focus her mind “down there.” When I arrived home g had the full array of our internal toys on the counter, including – to my dismay - the balls she was supposed to be wearing. I am not a Dom who is quick to punish disobedience, especially if there is a chance it is mere miscommunication. However, I decided to not give her the opportunity to disobey or misunderstand again that weekend. I told her to take a bath. I tied her to the bed. And then I went to read and think a bit. I have insomnia and I often spend hours in the night reading and thinking at night.
What I thought of this night was the soft skin, the moist corners, the sweet pleasures that she had kept concealed all week. So, I went to the bed, stripped off her pjs, and took my time enjoying her delights – for the first time of the weekend.
Later, as I lay in bed reading my girl asked in a quivering voice, “Can I go to the bathroom?”  Well of course, but you are not leaving your Captain’s control.
Later that night my desire for her burned ever hotter and this time my body was in synch with my mind. An erection! At this age one does not waste a good erection and I had my source of relief tied right next to me in my bed. Besides, being taken when she least expects it and used for her Captain’s pleasure only is a time-honored act of submission and it was about time she experienced it again. Her description above of what ensued is somewhat different than my memory of it. I hope I’m right, as my goal was not to wake her up and use her. I wanted her first conscious thought to be, “Whoa … I’m being fucked!” I approached our bed and slathered my erection with lube, careful not to awake her.  When I was ready I pulled the covers aside, pushed her knees apart, and quickly entered her. Her first few reactions satisfied me - quiet “ngh, ngh” sounds with each thrust.  As she became more conscious she moaned with pleasure and soon we were having otherwise vanilla sex together.
My insomnia plagued me all night and I didn’t fall asleep until daylight Saturday morning. Saturday was spent sleeping on and off, thinking about girl and her delights but not having energy to do anything about it.
Sunday I awoke with energy and a desire to continue my pursuits of Friday night. I also wanted to take some photos. One of my hobbies is taking photos of Renee and I am always thoughtful of new ways to see her. I told her we would meet in the playroom in two hours, and I set up lights and cameras while she prepared herself. Sometimes it takes a full two hours because she is VERY thorough.
We took photos and then, as girl has related, the toy box came open. As she said, a very happily satisfied Captain used all her delights and took us to the brink of D/s bliss. Nothing defines our roles more viscerally than when her Captain pushes deep inside her most intimate place, his hips pressed tight against her behind, her head pulled back by the hair and Captain growling, “You. Are. Mine.”

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