Friday, January 17, 2014

Getting Started

What do you suppose the alien is looking at?

Here, my partner, Renee, and I blog about the joys, challenges, and triumphs of being sexual beings in the last half of life. Things get different – very different - when you pass that 55 year threshold. The experience isn’t identical for everyone of course, we all have physical, emotional, and situational differences, so we are presenting this blog as the experiences of one couple, hoping it will help others who want to continue to enjoy sex into their dotage.

Renee, and I had a satisfying, but vanilla sex life, but we each secretly harbored a bit of the D/s dynamic in our minds. About two years ago I began to escalate my aggressiveness and she responded with delight. We had spiced our vanilla to the point where she was wearing bustiers, thigh highs, and heels from time to time to liven things up, but our sex was just vanilla with a twist. Then, one day she was prancing through the dining room in a black bustier and something in me let go. I released my inhibitions, ignored my fears of how she would respond, and bent her over the table. And I held her down by the hair, and spanked her. I touched, probed and caressed her body and told her that these various yummy body parts belonged to me. “These soft thighs - they are mine.  This pussy, mine; this smooth round butt, it’s mine; this asshole, mine.” I proceeded to play with her in ways I had dreamt of, but never dared do before, ordering her to pull her tits out, freezing her nipples with ice cubes, then sucking them until they were warm and soft again. More spanking, probing her holes, and finally throwing her down and using her with abandon.  I didn’t know the terms for what we were doing at the time. Later I learned I had Dommed up and used her as my submissive. We had fallen in a rabbit hole that we are still exploring 2 years later.

Renee, also known as "girl," here.  As Captain said, our sex life was satisfying but we both were looking for that something that would spark our imaginations and release long standing inhibitions (and let's face it...if you are 50++ you probably have things that you keep out of sight!)  Captain started being more aggressive with me but still in a vanilla sort of way until the day the black bustier came out!  I have to tell you that the first toe dipped into the D/s pool was an "ah-ha" moment for me.  It was like finding home.  The first spanking left me breathless, wanting more - wanting to give him more.  The ice cubes surprised and delighted me.  Then it hit me, this was for him, the fact that I loved it too was almost secondary. Since the very first time he told me that my pussy, my butt, and all other body parts belonged to him, our “affirmation” has become a very treasured ritual in our D/s relationship.  I find our rituals particularly freeing for me.  As his submissive, I need rituals on a day-to-day basis to clear out who I am and free me to be relaxed and open to what is next.  Honestly, I did struggle with that for a while, but I am by nature a very submissive woman and these rituals release me to become “girl” and make embracing my submission much easier.  As I have given my self over to him for his use and pleasure in all ways, as he sees fit, both of us have journeyed and enjoyed our sex life more than we ever.  Have we tried things that didn't work for us? Yes.  Have we refined and perfected other practices that we both love? Absolutely.  I have never used our safe word, but it is there if necessary.  I think the thing about D/s at this stage of life is we both realize "if not now, when?"  I am honored to be his submissive, I treasure our continued trip "down the rabbit hole".  I look forward to sharing more with you as we progress.

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  1. Lovely start! So happy to see you blogging. You have an awesome story to tell!