Sunday, February 2, 2014


The Captain's Requirements
As her Dom, I was free to require some changes in Renee’s habits as she transformed into “girl,” my sub.
First on the list was her underthings. As a rule she wore those bras with the styrofoam cups that hid any suggestion that she had breasts. Renee/girl has the most beautiful, perfect breasts and I would not stand for having them hidden away. I wanted to see her nipples reaching for me whenever I looked at her, so I forbade her to wear bras. 

Next to go were the sensible, industrial grade underpants. No longer would she cover her beautiful pussy with “underwear” from Tractor Supply. From now on she would wear “lingerie”  -- panties that were pretty and worthy of her body. And she would stop using the word “underwear.” The Captain’s girl wears bras and panties – lingerie, not underwear. Of these three requirements, eliminating the word “underwear” from her vocabulary has been the most challenging for her.

I enjoy the no-bra rule immensely. It is a perfect act of submission, constantly reminding her that I am in charge of these decisions now. She was initially uncomfortable displaying her femininity, but I demand it and she submits regardless of the discomfort. This effect has diminished somewhat as she has gotten more confident over the months. Whereas she used to hide her breasts behind rubber shields, she now seems proud of her body and almost dares men to admire her breasts in public.
The no-bra rule has evolved, however. When I learned that there were shelf bras and open tip bras I encouraged her to try them. They lift her breasts up, but the nipple is still free. I like them. I love the twinge of arousal I get from looking at girl when we are out at a restaurant or having drinks somewhere and see the hints of her perfect nipples, reminding me of the delights she holds for me. 

A few months ago girl requested permission to order a French bra, and I approved. The new bra was tastefully colorful, with lace and fancy, girly things. When she modeled it for me I immediately approved. Without padding the thin bra reveals a delightful hint of nipple under her tops, so I agreed that she could wear them on some occasions. This opened the floodgates and her dressing room is now awash in fancy bras and panties from France and Italy.
Another of my requirements was that she groom the kitty right down to the roots. She has a beautiful pussy and I don’t like it to be hidden by anything. Shaving every day is sometimes a challenge for her, but the results are worth it. I spend a lot of time down there, licking and kissing, so I want it smooth and clean at all times. At this point I can’t imagine seeing her with hair down there. She has tried several methods, but it seems a plain old multi-blade razor is the fallback tool. On special occasions I will to the shaving, to make sure the skin is smooth and there are no cuts.
A final 24/7/365 requirement is that she make herself available for my pleasure at all times. When she feels my hand on the front of her thigh she is supposed to spread her legs. When I reach for her breast she is supposed to remove any impediment so I can enjoy them.  This has been a difficult requirement for her. I don’t like punishing my girl, so she doesn’t experience much harsh treatment. But she has been spanked more for forgetting this rule than for anything else.

g here

Early in the process of training me to be his sub, my Captain  made a few inviolate requirements of me. The first concerned my choice of bras.  Captain mentions that this change was difficult….and it was at first because g believes she has very small breasts, not exactly flat but two bandaids sufficed for a bra until my children came along.  OK, that is a bit of an overstatement but not much.  When she stood in line to pick her body to wear for this life, g stepped in the leg line twice and missed the tittie line altogether.  However, rambling here, back to the bra issue.  Yes, guilty as charged on wearing the molded cup variety so it looked like something might be there.  My Captain’s first real DEMAND that they go happened in a restaurant.  There we were, just ordered drinks and looking over the menu and Captain quietly but in a voice that will not be denied says “you are to go to the restroom and remove your bra, just throw it away, then come back to the table.”  That voice means now, so off g went, breaking into a cold sweat about going braless.  To add to my discomfort, over the bra I was wearing only a camisole.  Looking back I laugh because g walked out of that restroom with arms crossed over her chest and managed to eat dinner with her arms pretty much the same way.  She was only technically in compliance but the bras were gone….banished into wherever molded cup bras go to live out their last days.

Next came the shelf bra that gave girl a whole new sense of appreciation of what a bra could potentially be!  First, this was beautifully made.  Second, there is something so sensual about the stimulation from the fabric of your clothes sliding over your nipples. I was feeling better about my body.  Captain loved them, girl loved them, life is good.

Then one day glorious day g discovered the world of French and Italian undergarments, no padding, very exquisitely sexy…..and actually fit!  Who Knew?  While g admits that until turning 53 she wasn’t a girly, girl but switch flipped somewhere in me that year and now g is the Imelda Marcos of fine women’s undergarments.  Our rituals include my morning kneel before Captain and asking to serve them that day.  He never fails to notice that the panties and bra and mentions that they are exactly what he expects from his sub.  It is a nice bonus that girl enjoys them also!  But there are still many days when the bra is not worn nor panties either, g has never been a real fan of panties anyway :)

Now let’s discuss the clean shaven kitty portion of the program.  Let the record show that girl, under no circumstances, should ever be trusted with sharp objects - especially in the vicinity of one of the Captain’s most prized possessions!  With that in mind, the search was on for something that would groom the kitty and not leave it cut to ribbons.  Waxing (g loves pain given by Captain, relishes it in fact….but ripping hair off of kitty, uh - no), I discovered I am allergic to hair removal creams made specifically for that portion of the body, tweezers (oh, yes, tweezers...when Captain says so be it….so be it, but alas this takes a verrryyy long time.)  Electrolysis is not off the table but haven’t gone there yet.  Last week my ever mindful Captain found a vibrating, three blade razor that works well and wonder upon cuts.  How would one put a bandaid on the kitty, anyway?  A question that has been pondered many times.

As with all things, the Captain has been spot on in his requirements.  g is happier with the skin she now lives in and loves that he loves my body the way it is.  
I do want to make one comment on Captain’s journal.  g doesn’t necessarily dare men to look at her breasts, it is more of an inevitability - she  is 6’2” or 6’3” in high heels. It is difficult to hide in a crowd.

Now to Captain’s final point, that when he touches g’s thigh she is to open them immediately, or when he wants to play with any other part of g’s body it is to be made available, like now (or yesterday if possible).  He is absolutely correct that getting this down to a science is taking some extensive training and has taken a toll on g’s backside.  Everyday is better though and g has even opened her legs when dead asleep….there may be hope yet.

Until next time….



  1. Sir Captain and Renee,

    Sir and I are on a similar journey as you both. Sir just turned 50 and I will be 54 this year, so we identify with your over fifty crowd. I have enjoyed your posts very much. But I do have a question for Renee, would you be willing to share where you order your beautiful French and Italian lingerie from?


    1. Mynx

      I enjoy following your journey also, and have been reading for yours for hello and it's nice to finally meet you.

      Of course I will share! My favorites are Cosabella (French) and La Perla (Italian). They can be ordered from Her Room but I tend to cruise Ebay for them. La Perla, in particular, is pricey but oh so wonderful. I have gotten both from Ebay for half of what they were asking on Her Room.

      Isn't it wonderful to be on this journey at this stage of the game? It is a marvelous adventure!

      Happy Shopping!


  2. Renee, what are your favorite websites for French and Italian lingerie? :-)

    1. Her Room and Ebay. Look for Cosabella and La Perla....they are wonderful, sexy, and will knock your sir's socks off!



  3. Wow, I wonder if DH will ever care about such things? As it stands now, he seems ambivalent about it all. I tried shaving it ALL for the first time in my life, got some discomfort and razor burn and bumps... have considered going for a Brazilian wax, but so chicken. Turns out, DH does not seem to care about the hair either way. I've just been keeping it trimmed (as a blond, not much anyway). I do like pretty lingerie, but confess to having some padding to round things out and keep things lifted. My big weight loss took it's toll on the nipples especially, which are shy and inverted a bit now (as his mouth gets more aggressive, he draws them out but I don't think clamps will ever work on me, I get nearly no nipple erections anymore (but still have great sensation). So I'm having a few issues with self-image now, and pick pretty lingerie that covers what I consider flaws. Still, DH has expressed no preference, and that has been my secret desire, that when he tells me to meet him in our room, he will direct me what to wear-- or not wear. The one thing I think he sort of liked is me wearing lace thigh-highs and a garter under a dress when we're going out-- I always make sure he sees what's going on under the dress. He's still too reserved/conservative though to do much about it in public!

    I laughed about the leg and tittie joke! Same here, at 5'10" in bare feet, most of it is leg, and bandaids would have sufficed up top for most of my life. Babies and weight gain added a little fullness...

    You are so brave to put your own photos up (but since you have a beautiful body, why not?), but I'd have to say, if my breasts looked like yours, I'd be pretty happy! (and I actually was at one point tempted to post a pic on my blog as I'm considering breast work to help fill in what I feel has been deflated from the weight loss-- DH says he doesn't care; but I do). That won't happen now, as DH is very, very reserved about such things. His eyes only.

    1. DD

      In all honesty, Captain and I were together for 2 years before I knew that he didn't particularly care for my "industrial panties." Although our journey has been different than yours and DH's, give it time...he may have desires that he doesn't even tell himself at this point. It was a big change for me to know that those things were important to Captain. Although we may not seem conservative, I assure you we are. After the weight loss you have gone through you should be so proud of yourself. That, my friend, shows determination and spirit....flaunt it! As for nipple clamps, it took several tries to find something that worked for me. The first clamps were clothes pins!!!! We both laughed but they worked and to this day I keep one of them on my desk at work just to remind me of how delicious this life is. Captain finally found a chained set that sort of worked but I had to switch out the chain to something lighter so they wouldn't fall off at the most inappropriate of times...trail and error, ugh! Boobs at this age are a funny thing and most of the toys are made for the younger crowd. Maybe we should start a toy business for the over 50++ crowd? Captain loves garter belts and thigh highs also. Have you ever tried the crotchless body suits? Amazing variety available and "O" so much fun! Body suit and stilettos are great. g loves to play dress-up and Captain allows it, so why not. Being of the leggy variety, I have found that Music Legs makes body suits that work well for those of us with long legs. With most of the other brands the opening hits somewhere half way up my legs....not cool :) The first time I wore a body suit was before we started on our D/s journey so maybe a surprise for DH would be in order?

      I am just a little taller than you, and the only time I had boobs was during pregnancy. Then they essentially went right back to where they came from.....and honestly I was glad. On the other hand, until I met Captain, that was a source of lots of nasty little comments from my ex and others. It is amazing what acceptance and love can do for a persons self esteem.

      Ah, thank you for saying that I am brave. First, you know that Captain is a photographer and he takes amazing pictures....I give all the credit to him. When we talked about doing a blog, Captain wondered if I would mind if we used real pictures. My response was no, and they are your pictures so use them if that would please you.

      And DD, if having breast work done would give you confidence and make you feel better about your body then I support you. I considered having work done at one time but finally opted out because at that point I had been single for a long time and thought I would never be in a relationship again. It was a good decision for me but you should honor what you feel is best for DH and you.

      I admire your honesty on your blog and in many ways have traveled that journey. I couldn't stay in my marriage but I have so much admiration for you. I am so glad that Captain introduced us.


  4. Thanks! I too really enjoy your writing and honesty!

    BTW, I wanted to encourage you both to share more about your journey to D/s-- what started it, what were the bumps in the road, the difficulties, mid-course corrections, needs to change "mindsets" lessons learned, relational improvements, shifting between professional/in-charge world to home D/s, etc. It would be so helpful, especially as it seems this came to you both at a later time in life and the "old dogs learning new tricks" thing is often a bit of a stumbling block for us.

    1. It has definitely been a learning experience for me. Renee and I will put our heads together and come up with a blog post soon.
      Other post for the future will include one that is primarily photos of Renee's lingerie and slut wear (she has a couple of closets full), posts on some of our D/s activities, and I have been wanting to post on the practical aspects of changes in men's sex lives as they head for the big 60.

  5. Ret here.
    Darling r., I strongly recommend laser hair removal near all your naughty is not really that expensive given that you almost do not have to shave ever again. It returns the skin to such smoothness, no stubble, and advances have made it more tolerable, far less pain than waxing that is for sure, though, I still refer to it as Tasering....sorry. Have to be honest. You will love it. And so will your Captain. I appreciate your follow on my blog. I happily return the favor. Kisses, Ret.