Friday, January 17, 2014



We have found it important to have a structure to your sexual activity – yes, a schedule. Why? Because as we men age our libidos often wane. Mine has. I just don’t naturally think of sex as much as I used to. When I was younger sex was a driving need that almost had a life of its own. Now, it is more of a pleasant activity – something fun to do when there is time. It is far too easy to fall into a trap of feeling too tired, not aroused, too busy, etc. and to let opportunities to enjoy Renee slip by. But for my mental health and for hers, the girl needs to be used - often.

Our morning Ritual

Every morning after her bath, girl comes to me and kneels, eyes downcast, and waits. It is a daily reminder to me that she is mine, she is my responsibility, the source of my joy, the most important thing in my life. Sometimes our morning ritual is nothing more than a moment for me to stroke her hair and reflect on how much she means to me. Other mornings I command her to service me with a morning BJ. Sometimes I order her into position for me to enjoy a little face time with the kitty, and I send her off to work tingling from a morning orgasm.  Occasionally, that old need of my youth rears its head and I throw her on the bed and use her with abandon. But always, we take a moment to connect and remind ourselves that we are still sexual beings.

Our Affirmation Ritual

Our affirmation ritual reminds us of that we are in a D/s relationship.  In it, girl adopts the pose, knees, elbows, and forehead on the floor, knees apart. I then touch and probe her other parts and we reaffirm that they are mine.

“This soft skin on your thigh girl. It’s mine.”
“Yes Captain.”
“And what is it for?”
“It is for your pleasure Captain.”
‘This pussy is mine.”
“Yes Captain.”
“And what is it for?”
“It is for your pleasure, Sir.”

girl here:  Our rituals have given us a certain amount of structure that was needed not only in our intimate life but also in our day to day life.  Our morning ritual of me kneeling before him is the way we start our day.  We both have demanding careers and this particular ritual allows both of us to concentrate on what is most important in our lives - each other.  From my point of view, I need (yes need) to have the physical routine of recommitting my life as Captain's sub daily.  Before we started this ritual, there were many days that our relationship was not "top of mind" to start our day.  With this routine, we both start out the door with our dearest possession uppermost in our minds.  Each morning I ask if I can serve him that day.  This affirms that I don't take what we have for granted in any way.  And although this is just one of our rituals, it is my favorite because it starts our day with our minds and hearts centered.  

We also have a “affirmation” ritual which Captain sometimes demands before we play. It involves girl with her forehead on the floor, arms stretched out in front of her, palms up, on knees with butt in air and legs spread.  I wait in this position and just meditate until Captain arrives.  This position, at first, made me a little uncomfortable, for what 50++ woman wants her bare ass to be the first thing her man sees when he walks in the room???  But after practice, patience, and knowing that this position pleases Captain I finally found it to be second nature.  This position is where I affirm to him that all of my body is his.  We begin by Captain caressing me between my legs and asking “Who does this pussy belong to?” girl answers “Captain, this pussy is yours and it is for your pleasure.” This continues goes until all pertinent body parts have been caressed, probed and affirmed to be his.  While some people might find this silly it truly sets both of us in the correct mind frame for whatever may come next.  And what comes next you ask?.......Stay tuned :)

May your weekend be filled with bliss!


  1. Very nice description! Look forward to more of your journey. Go 50++!!!!

  2. Excellent,

    I have been following Desiring Discipline's journey for a while and have seen you commenting on her blog. Your comments have always been of sound integrity and character.

    I look forward to reading and learning more about you and your girl.

    Kindest regards,

    Mr Fox

  3. Thank you DD and Mr. Fox. Mr. Fox, somehow your reply got repeated three times, that is the reason for the 2 deletions. We're new at this blogging thing.
    We have more posts in the works, so please stop back in a few days.

  4. Captain, (I love the name)

    I clearly have issues commenting on blogspots. There was no indication that the comment went through, my apologies.

    I will be more careful in the future...

    Best wishes,

    Mr Fox

  5. I shared this with my Sir....great post...!!!